Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quick up date!

I thought I would blog what I have been up to lately since I am caught up with my homework for the next few weeks... no joke I only have a few things due! And I am at work doing NOTHING! So here I am :) Let see what has happened lately...
1. I have become addicted to Horkleys pink lemon-aid
2.The rain here in Rexburg has made it so the snow is now melted into slush and there are mini swimming pools every where- thats fun to walk in! (sarcastic!)
3. Matt and I have been dating for one month tomorrow!- its crazy it seems like it is still the first week! time has flown! (we went to wingers last night to celebrate since we will be driving to Utah tomorrow night!! :))
4.I found a working vacuum that sucks (haha isn't that weird that you want a vacuum to suck if its a good one?! random.. yes!) at the pines which makes my job 100% times easier!
5. I GET TO GO HOME TOMORROW!!! Matt and I are heading down for the weekend to meet the family and hang out! I am super excited.. he is more nervous! (like they wont like him! yeah right!!)
6. I am on the look out for a summer job if anyone has any ideas. Please let me know ASAP! :)
7. We moved locations finally at work and so now we work in the Manwaring Center, in a newer SMALLER office but its a good change.
8.I am trying to practice my Mario Kart skills so I can finally beat Kyron! (what else am I going to do? I have no homework!)
9.We went and saw Tangled in 3D which was totally AWESOME!!
10. Life is life with its ups and downs... I am trying to enjoy the journey not just endure it! :)
*sorry there is not pictures.. I will post some later when I am on my own computer! :)

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