Thursday, December 31, 2009

best thing in the world!

seriously the best thing in the world (right now) is being a AUNT!!!! it is so much fun! i don't know what i would do with out my little guys! they are sent from heaven!! there is never a dull day i can promise you that!
auklin is such a stud and is learning how to talk and walk... super cute! i love this stage! he is such a ball of energy and LOVES sports and any time of ball to play with! he is even getting good at shooting hoops already! such a daddys little boy! hehehe
josh is the youngest! he just started rolling over he is good at smiling and just being content when he is being held and loved! i love this little boy! but the good thing about being a aunt is when its a nasty diaper... yup you guessed it!! MINDY!! hahahahah oh i love it! :)
katelyn is our little miss princess! hahaha ever since christmas when she got her food and kitchen stuff she always wants to have a tea party! hahaha super cute! she also calls me all the time just to chat! she loves the phone, "lips" aka chapstick!, word world, curious george, and elmo! hahaha she has the cutest little voice and has been sick lately so she is super cuddly :) we are bestest friends!

matching hats :) hahaha oh i love being a aunt like i said before ITS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!

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