Friday, December 25, 2009

tis the season!

christmas dinner with the family!! :) i hope you all had a fabulous chirstmas! here is just a bunch of pictures over the last week! hope you enjoy!! :)
me, katelyn, and jillisa!
hahahaha i love auklin such a stud even when he is dressed like a girl! :)
we went to salt lake to see the temple square lights with the family! they were so pretty!!
yahoooo!!! thats right beatles rock band baby!!!
sister sister never such devoted sisters!! :)
we went to ikea on wed. to look around! we met up with the watsons and went to in-n-out burger after! thanks for a fun filled day!! :) we found these sweet hats auklin didn't like his so much!
this year for chirstmas EVERYONE was here! we all slep up stairs... little squishy but it was heaps of fun!! :) mindy, mike, and katelyn!
kasey and chelsi!
mom, kyron, and auklin
mom bought matching pjs for the grand kids! super cute!! i could totally fit in :) hehehe what a lucky aunt am i?!

kyrons favorite gift by far! hahaha well his "opera is sexy" hoodie that kasey and chelsi made for him might come in close!
what a cute little guy! he is so much fun to be around!
cute little katelyn!! :) what a teaser! hahaha she is such a fun ball of energy! what would we do without her?! well i hope you enjoyed the random pictures and had a very merry christmas! and a happy new year! :) best wishes!

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