Sunday, December 20, 2009

chirstmas nativity!

yesterday was our annual craven family chirstmas party! i love it normally we do a progressive dinner thing but this year we just stayed at my uncle rons and aunt beckys house! they just re modeled their house and it is simply GORGEOUS!! so it was still in the finishing stage i am excited to see it all finished! anyway we did our tradtional nativity play (every one must be in it somehow!) and its super fun with all of the little kids now! also the cutest sheep! Grandma and Grandpa started an amazing traditon that i look forward to each year! its a great time to reflect on the birth of our savior and to share that with our family!
craven family clan all decked out and ready to preform! haha chelsi is missing because she was taking wedding pictures we sure missed her! if you can tell mindy and mike are mary jospeh and baby josh is jesus kyron and katelyn are lamanintes kasey is samuel, auklin being his son? hahah not sure what he was and jillisa and i were wise (wo)men! hahaha i love it!
what super cute sisters are we? this was jillisa's fist oufit until we found a better one! wise hu?
HOW CUTE ARE THEY!?! hahahah auklinn is just a little stud! he wanted to play dress up to well sorta he took it off soon after!

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