Tuesday, December 8, 2009

man i miss home...

i miss my family and my home so so much but most of all i miss my mom right now... so we have been out of toilet paper now for 4 days (when a roommate says that she is going to go get some and bring a whole bunch back from home the day you run out don't trust her! FYI) anyway so we have been using napkins and tissues which we also just ran out of... after grabbing a bunch from the school bathrooms whenever i would go there we decided to just go barrow a roll and pay them back when we get some! everyone keeps thinking that they got the last one but i have a witness... mom you know i did cause i brought 8 rolls back from thanksgiving break!! so being the subborn girl i am i am not going to buy the next ones someone will cave in soon enough i hope! fingers crossed!! so thanks mom for the years of never running out of toilet paper and having it magically appear on the roll i love you!
next issue... the DISHES!! grrrrrr once again my mom can back me up on it that i am normally really really clean and constantly am picking up the house and helping out where i can! well i gave in no matter how much i do the dishes they keep getting higher and higher no matter what we do! we even have a sign on our dishwasher that says if they are clean or dirty! come on not much easier than that! but i finally caved i had to i couldn't stand it any longer and i didn't have any clean cups! not fun i will have you know so after our ugly sweater christmas party i dove in and started on the mess.. ashley cleaned the living room and kitchen floor and all that stuff (we really are the clean ones! its annoying i have stories if you want to hear!!) anyway so after a few hours i finally finished!! i hope it will not get that bad again and i guess i will just have to suck it up cause no one else will put their dishes in the dishwasher grrrr
ewe i know! it was bad and this is not even all of them! i am kind of embarrased to show this but its also kinda funny...
so mom thank you also for always doing the dishes without complaint.. minus the time you went on strike and was the mom for the day! but being here made me apprciate you so much and all that you do! i never relized all of the work you mothers do! so thanks to all the moms that do so much sorry if your work goes un noticed! i now know maybe a glimpse of how you feel! love love love you mom!
p.s side note! finals are coming! AHHHHHH scary its cramming time so wish me luck cause all i can think about right now is going home and chirstmas!! i love the holidays as i would say "GOD BLESS AMERICA!! I AM SO GREATFUL TO BE AN AMERICAN" hahahaha gotta love family! (thats for you jillisa, kasey, and chelsi!) :)

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  1. Oh Brielle! You have to love college life! I have two suggestions for you! Keep a role in your room and take it with you when you have to go and then take it back out! That way you dont have to suffer... maybe even leave on little square behind so one of the girls are tempted... ; ) then put all the dirty dishes on the girls bed that they belong to- with a nice note that says, i noticed you left this in the sink- I didnt want anyone to take it so I simply returned it! :) If it was five bucks they would be kissing your feet! Why not their dishes!!! Well we love you- hang in there, you only get this college life once! God bless you Brielle- God bless ya! ; ) MUAH!