Friday, December 4, 2009


yahooooo!!! david archuleta came to BYU-Idaho on his chirstmas tour and he was simply AMAZING!!!!! i was in aww the whole time! at the beginning Benten Paul opened it up with him and his band he was also AmAzInG! i had never heard of him before but i want to go look for his c.d! i almost got ran over by him cause i didn't know what was going on and before i knew it he was right behind me, we jumped out of the way and got a good smile and a hi five! then after the small break it was DAVID!!! he was the bomb. com!!
Ashleys sisters amber and courtney came up we also went with her cousins :) super fun!! thanks to emily and lindsay we got good seats because while i was making the shirts they went to save seats!! thanks!
here is the front of the shirts! oh and the dude is ashleys cousin BTW, it goes nate, ashley, me, courtney, amber, kirsten

like the back?? hahaha it says david if you couldn't read it!
HE IS HERE!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH SIMPLY AMAZING! i don't think i will be able to talk in the morning from screaming so much! he started with his hitt songs and then went into the christmas part! i am so so so glad i have his Christmas C.D i listen to it everyday! i love it my favorite song is probably PAT A PAN he sings the first in french and then english if you do not have the C.D i strongly suggest you get it! he has such an amazing voice and can make any song sound amazing! i love love love it!!

I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA!! he is so humble, sweet, happy, funny, and has an amazing voice! he wouldn't stop smiling! and even came back out for a on core!! yahoooo!!! next concert Brooke White!! :) yahoo i loved her so much to! i can start a busniess with making shirts!! so basically i LOVED his concert, you should buy his C.D, and i can't talk.. but TOTALLY worth it!! :)

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